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Finally, there is "147 Strategies", how to write,place and publish your ezines,40 of the most hot product information ideas and much much more....

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50 Interveiws with Ezine Publishers
Plus ! Free Bonus Included

There are a lot of E-zines/Newsletters on the Internet. Some of them are very successful,
while others don't make enough money to pay for the distribution costs.

"50 E-zine Publishers Interviewed" contains interviews with 50 famous E-zine or
Newsletter Publishers, who all have at least 1,000 subscribers -some of them have
over 100,000 subscribers!

All these people reveal how they sign up new subscribers, and explain which tools and
proven methods they use to save time maintaining their publishing tasks.

I believe their answers and tips will be valuable if you want to start up or promote your own
E-zine on the Internet.

Featured E-Publishers are:

* Jack Teems, from "Neat Net Tricks"
* Dirk Dupon, from "SmartPromotion Newsletter"
* Kim Haas, from "Womans-Net News"
* Phil Wiley, from "All The Secrets"
* Paul Hancox, from "The Mouthpiece"
* Eva Almeida, from "eBooks N' Bytes Informer"
* Merle, from "Merle's Mission"
* Harmony Major, from "Straight From the Horse's Mouth"
* Pamela Heywood, from "Tucats Mewsletter"
* Chayden A. Bates, from "The Effect!"
* Max Shifrin, from "The PromotionTips Ezine"
* Shelley Lowery, from "Etips"
* Jan Tallent-Dandridge, from "Rim Digest"
* Frank Garon, from "InternetCash PlanetGram"
* Simon Baxter, from "The Affiliate Resource Center"
* Tony L. Callahan, from "Web-Links Monthly"
* Kerri Reeves, from "A1 Home Business News"
* Harvey Segal, from "SuperTips Ezine"
* Mani Sivasubramanian, from "Keep Your Heart Healthy"
* Dan Porteus, from "SIM's Insider Report"
* Diana Ward, from "Forward to Online Success"


"Very nice! I think this is one of the most valuable E-books
I've ever read. Great job!" Ed Andrist, WebSm@rts

"Even I, as an experienced e-zine editor and contributor to this great
e-book, found a lot of useful tips in the other 49 interviews. So I'm
absolutely convinced that first time e-zine starters will have a great help
in reading "50 E-zine Publishers Interviewed". By the way...this e-book is also a must read for everyone who wants to take a look in the editor's
kitchen. Well done, Dirk!" Pia Hendriks, editor of "GAMAY",
bi-weekly e-zine especially for women.

"50 E-zine Publishers Interviewed" is the best e-book I have EVER read -no exaggeration. It is an invaluable guide for anybody hoping to publish a profitable E-zine, containing nuggets of wisdom that will save hours of time. Highly recommended. Best wishes, N. Azam

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